OLD BANTEN is one of the well know historical objects, only 10 km from the town of Serang. In  this site, we can fined a lot of remains of Islamic Banten Kingdom which was founded between 16-18 century.

Keraton Kaibon It is located at the  village of Kroya on the bank of the road of Old Banten, approximately 7 km from the town of Serang. The name Kaibon was derived from the word Kai-ibuan namely Ratu Asiah, taking over his son's position, Sultan Rafiudin who was just 5 months old to lead the reign.
Kearton Surosowan Surosowan Palace  was built during the reign of Sultan Maulana  Hasanuddin (1525-1552). Most of buildings were partly totally damaged. What remains is only the wall of the fortless ciecling the ruin of the monument. According to the old maps it is known that in the past  the complexes of the palace were sourounded by a ditch as a guard. It was said, that in the past small ship was able   to sail along the ditch or along the canal to the open sea. To day the ditch has already disappeared and we can only see the remainings located in the south and the west.
Mesjid Agung Banten

This complex consists of : a mosque monumeny having grave  yards along its left and right sides, the monument of Tiyamah, a tower, and grave yard located in the north side. The monument of Tiyamah is  an extention building in the south of Mesjid Agung which, designed by Hendrick Lucas Cardeel, an Islamic Deutch architects. For his dedication, Sultan maulana Yusuf gave him a title Pangeran Wiraguna.


This muesium was built at 1983 as place to collect all the remains of the Banten reign. There are also labiratorium, library, work shop and all unidentified remains of reign Banten.

Benteng Speelwijkt

Speelwijk fortress is located at kampung Pamarican, near Banten Gulf. In the past it was used as the fortress of the Sultanate of Banten, before the Deutch penetrated to and accupied Banten.


It is located at Margasana village, Kramatwatu district as a part of arceological complex of Old Banten. The word Tasikardi is derived from the name Tasik means danau, and Kardi means man made . Thus Tasikardi means a man made lake. Its width is approximatelly 5 hectares and in the cebter of the lake there is a square formed "islands". During the period of the kingdom of Banten, the water of Tasikardi besides used irigate the recifields was also flown to the Surosowan palace through pipes  and filtering system at 2 locatios. 

Pulau Burung

Pulau Dua wildlife is locaed approximately 3 miles of the nort of Karangantu harbor. It can be reached by motorised pats or sail boats in 15 minuts. from April to August the island is visited by thousend of bird of several kinds coming from  the continent of Afrika, Asia and australia to lay and hatch their eegs. Soon after the young birds become mature, they will return to their original places. At least 50 kinds of birds and generally those are fishering birds that only to fly far distance such as herons, ducks, teals, fowis and other be able to lay 2-4 eggs, and stayed together in Pulau Dua of 8 hectares land.


Taman rekreasi & kolam pancing Wulandira terletak di desa Toyomerto Kec. Kramat Watu jaraknya hanya 14 km dari kota Serang, juga berbagai berbagai fasilitas tempat bermain anak-anak, panggung hiburan terbuka dan berbagai tanaman pohon buah-buahan.

Menara Bojong

Buit in 1885 the Ducth, it is 75,7 meter in heigt and it is an eighteen-story house light in Anyer Kidul. This area is an historical place. It is very well known for its 1000 km Daendles Post Road from Anyer to Panarukan (East Java) in 1811.

Karang Bolong

Karang Bolong beach is located 50 km from Serang town or 140 km from Jakarta, on Karang Bolong Street. Karang Bolong beach is the beach recreation area where there is a big rock with its hole  in the center, facing the open sea.

Batu Kuwung

The name of Batukuwung comes from the name of stone whice produces hot water continuousuly.  Its heat reaches 70-80 Fahrenheit degree. The hot water is iodized but it doesn't contain any sulphur.

Gunung Krakatau

Mount Krakatoa is located at Sunda Strait. This volcanoe is very well known all ove the world because its erption in 1883 shocked the world and resulted  a big disaster. The eruption of Krakatoa was so powerful and its sound was heard in Australia and Colombo. In 1951 geologists recorded that the height   of Anak Gunung Krakatau was just above 72 m dpl, but right now its already reached a height of more than 200 m..


Debus head been practiced since the seventeenth century (1651-1682) when Ageng Tirtayasa King (Sultan) ruled Banten Islamic Kingdom. Debus or ritual display of  invulnerability in Banten is a kind of art, which is combined  whit dancing, singging, music and misticism. In the show, it performs a lot of attractions  on invulnerability of the body. For instance cutting parts of human body whit golok (a big blade), stabbing the stomach by using a bludgeon or spear, consuming the fire, and many other attractions. Besides, there are still many other arts like patingtung.Leas ubrug,syaman, beluk, terbang gede (big tambourine), rudat, etc.

Makanan Khas banten

Sare Bandeng is one of original and tradisional food of Serang Regency. Besides sate bandeng there are also other kinds of food and cakes which is usually made by the local people such as : sambal bourog, sambal kulit tangkil, jojorong, apem ang pasung.


Peta Lokasi Banten